E-way Bill

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, an E-way Bill is an electronic document required for the movement of goods under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system in India. E-way Bills are generated online and contain various details related to the shipment of goods. These details include information about the consignor, consignee, the vehicle used for transportation, the goods being transported, and the route taken.  

One important topic to include in an E-way Bill is the “Transportation Details.” This section of the E-way Bill includes the following key information: 

  • Mode of Transportation:  
    This indicates how the goods are being transported, whether by road, rail, air, or ship. It’s essential to specify the correct mode of transportation.

  • Vehicle Number:
    The registration number of the vehicle that is carrying the goods. Accurate and up-to-date vehicle information is crucial for tracking and monitoring the movement of goods.

  • Transporter Name:
    If the goods are being transported by a third-party transporter, their details, including their name and GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number), should be mentioned.

  • Transporter ID:
    This could be the transporter’s GSTIN, or if they are not registered for GST, their enrollment ID on the E-way Bill portal.

  • Document Number:
    This refers to the document number of the transportation document, such as the invoice or bill of supply, which must be generated in accordance with GST rules.

  • Date of Transport:
    The date on which the goods are actually being moved or transported.

  • Place of Delivery:
    The destination where the goods are being delivered.

  • Distance:
    The approximate distance in kilometers between the source and destination of the goods. This helps in calculating the validity period of the E-way Bill.

  • Reason for Transportation:
    A brief description of the reason for transporting the goods, such as supply, export, import, job work, etc.
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